Our company always adheres to the "fair, open and equity" principle in all recruitment activities. In order to effectively protect the interests of candidates, to maintain the dignity of the law and my company's brand and social image, specifically to make the following statement:

The 1st, our company campus recruitment only for the graduates of colleges and universities, mainly to take special campus recruitment.

The 2nd, the company recently released the recruitment of mature social recruitment information, mainly through the company portal, ZhiTong Talent Network, ZhuoBo Talent Network release of job postings, not authorized outside the above recruitment channels of business units and individuals to release such recruitment information.

The 3rd, our company in the above recruitment is not charged any fees.

The 4th, any units and individuals without the authorization of our company shall not be issued in the name of my company recruitment information; related websites may not publish the relevant information, once found my company will consider pursuing its rights through legal channels to protect the rights of job seekers And my company's reputation.

The 5th, I remind the majority of job seekers vigilance, through formal channels to understand the recruitment information, guard against being deceived.

The 6th, my company personnel recruitment designated phone: 0769-87790003.


Hereby declare


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